Representative Thissen’s Office Helps Obtain Report Showing Cuts in Services

At Safe Passage’s request the office of House Minority Leader Rep. Paul Thissen obtained a report from state DHS showing cuts in placements and support services for child protection and foster care since 2003. Some highlights are:

  • The state share of costs dropped from 15% to 11% while counties increased from 46% to 58%
  • The federal share of costs also dropped significantly from 34% to 26%
  • Total expenditures decreased 14% from $429 million to $368 million
  • Costs for support services went from $83 million to $76 million, down 9%
  • Expenditures for placements dropped 24% from $164 million to $125 million

These figures reflect an overall drop of 37% in out-of-home placements. Opinions differ about whether this drop represents improvements in the safety and well-being of children.
For the full report–>Child Welfare and other Children Services Costs

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