Reduce Burden on Caseworkers

Safe Passage LogoCredible reports indicate that Minnesota’s child protection and foster care workers spend over 50% of their time entering data into the Social Services Information System (SSIS). 10%-20% is normal.

We hope the state will consider a ‘reengineering’ project to reduce this burden. Reengineering uses workers’ detailed knowledge of a system to identify and eliminate duplicate processes, unnecessary data collection, and unused reports.

Initiatives of this kind have reduced worker overhead by 25%-50% or more. A similar effort in Minnesota could free up enough staff time to respond to 20,000 or more additional child maltreatment reports annually, and reduce the number of new hires needed to manage swelling caseloads.

Reengineering and related quality improvement programs have produced major efficiencies in business and government. They could be a boon to caseworkers here.

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