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Our latest Ebrief–Counties Step Up

Hennepin County is requesting more child protection workers in its 2017 budget, on top of the 120 staff they funded since mid-2015. St. Louis County just added 20 caseworkers in mid-budget cycle. These county-funded positions are in addition to the approximately 400 new staff statewide paid for by a $50 million 2015-2016 state budget appropriation.  (Read More)


To rebuild the Minnesota child welfare system so children are safe and reach their full potential.

There will always be a group of Minnesota citizens who advocate on behalf of victims of child maltreatment, and who will hold counties and the state accountable for continuously improving outcomes for these children and their families.

Our goal is to build a child protection and foster care system in Minnesota that

continuously improves the lives of children, as demonstrated by objective, measurable outcomes. If the system is working well children’s outcomes will improve over time.

The following are major milestones for achieving this goal:

  1. By 2017 all children will be periodically assessed for their level of trauma starting when they first enter child protection.
  2. By 2019 all children in the system will be periodically assessed for improvements in their cognitive and physical development, as well as in measures of behavioral and mental health.
  3. Workers and supervisors will be accountable for improving these outcomes for individual children as monitored through quality reviews and updates to the courts.
  4. Counties will be accountable for improving outcomes for children in their caseloads overall as shown by summary reports.

In subsequent years our goal is to continue to monitor outcomes at the county and state levels, and advocate for necessary budget allocations, practice improvements, and related resources to ensure that the child protection system is continually improving its response to children.